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Land in Bdintsi, Dobrich (Ref: RF392)

For Sale
€4,900 - Best Buys, Land

Bdintsi land The lush and verdant foliage of the beautiful village of Bdintsi, only 20 km from the administrative centre of Dobrich hides a nicely…

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Land space  3 000 m²

Land in Surnets, Dobrich (Ref: RF286)

For Sale
€7,900 - Best Buys, Land

Wonderful large plot for new development with stunning views.  Surnets is not a village that is often advertised as properties are difficult to come by…

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Land space  4 925 m²

Land in Dryanovets, Dobrich (Ref: RF344)

For Sale
€3,500 - Best Buys, Land

The village of Dryanovets is small and with exceptional country-valley-hill views, located just off the Dobrich – Silistra highway, very close to Tervel and approximately…

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Land space  1 350 m²